Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Constantly Hurrying Around and Outwardly Stressed?

By Julie Ann Sullivan

Is there truly a way to reduce the chaos in your life? Absolutely!
Julie Ann Sullivan
With your busy life, the precursors to your chaos come from a multitude of directions. The element of increased self-awareness, will allow you to see more clearly what is coming at you, so that you can effectively create alternatives. This can be done by changing situations, or learning creative ways in which to live with them. The power is yours!
It is important for you to discover where stress comes from and how to recognize it. You have to be able to see it to have any chance of changing it. There are specific ways to avoid stress and when avoidance is not an option, there are behaviors to creatively work within those parameters. The tools ensconced in self-awareness allow you to deal with stress head on and still increase your own life satisfaction. It is just as important to realize what components of your own personality can contribute to increased stress in your life. Now there is something you really have control over.
Increased life satisfaction has been shown to intensify productivity and creativity in the workplace. In addition, less stress and more joy create a healthier body and mind. Take the time to learn how stress affects your own emotional and physical health and the health of those around you. There are definite attributes of stress that are detrimental, but the benefit of new opportunities abounds as well. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fields and Fireplaces

By Michelle R. Donovan, The Referability Expert!
Michelle R. Donovan
Travelling to Penn State this past week for a speaking engagement gave me a quick reminder that the seasons are changing very rapidly.  Up in the mountains, the leaves are spectacular and there’s a nip in the air, just enough to make the tip of your nose cold.  Pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks and multi-colored mums line the highways in farm stands.  Fields start to turn an awesome gold color as they prepare to rest for the winter.  Some fields of corn are transformed into a maze of mystery and haunted fun at this time of year.  Other fields are rolled into giant shredded wheat rolls and stored under cover.  Still others are speckled with orange dots and the pumpkin patch takes form.  All of this makes me want to curl up to a fireplace in a willow rocking chair with a cup of coffee. 

Fireplaces tend to be a focal point in a house.  They carry a touch of nostalgia, romance and obviously warmth.  They often hold memories and items of significance upon the mantle.  They’re even decorated for the holidays to attract attention.  Watching the embers glow in a fireplace can be mesmerizing.   The warmth from the fire penetrates deep into the bones while the coals glow an awesome array of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Fields and fireplaces need nurturing and care.  In order for a field to produce a bountiful harvest, they must be cared for.  Farmers invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment that assist them in caring for their crop.  In some cases, the fields need to be weeded and fertilized.  In other cases, the fields need pesticides and regular watering.  If left unattended, the field will produce very little.  The same is true for the caring of a fire in a fireplace.  The fire needs to be tended to and stoked.  It needs ongoing attention and regular additions of fuel and oxygen.  If a fire is left unattended, it will produce little heat and eventually it will burn itself out.